Slow Money

Long-Term Business Loan Products

Not all money is fast money, but that's ok! Let's find the best option for your business' long-term funding needs today!

Long-Term Loans

Long-Term Business Loans

Business loan options with traditionally low rates and an easy application process! Approvals and funding may take up to 6 weeks.


Small Business Administration backed Loans

Traditional Loans For Highly Qualified candidates. Longer terms than most loans with traditionally lower rates. However there is a difficult application process and funding can take months!

Working Capital

Working Capital Loans

Various Lenders offer Working Capital Loans to Businesses on terms similar to shorter term loans or Revolving Lines of Business Credit. Fast application and easy approvals mean you get the capital you need quickly!

Equipment Financing

Equipment Loans & Financing

When your equipment needs an upgrade let us get your business the best options!