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Need Money Now?

If using a mobile device, click the number below to call our President & C.E.O. directly. All calls are screened through VM but you can expediate the process by texting the following information!
  • Company Name, Address, Phone, E-Mail, and Website.

  • Owner's Name, Phone, and E-Mail.

  • Time in Business(absolute minimum 90 days)

  • Average monthly revenues(absolute minimum $10,000.00/mo.)

  • Do you have a business bank account?(Statements necessary for application process)

"All of the information is required in the VM but its easier for me to analyze your qualifications in a text message. Please include every piece of information listed above in your initial contact or I won't be able to help you as quickly as possible. Be prepared to include 3-6 months of your most recent bank statements with an MTD for the current month for the application process and a copy of your ID and voided check for funding upon approval. Yes, it's that easy! If you already have an MCA in good standing and need another that's no problem! I have lenders from 1st position DOWN! There are millions available immediately! I look forward to personally working with your business!"

President & C.E.O.

Alex A. Liss

11850 Edgewater Drive Suite 224


Sat/Sun: Closed, Mon-Fri: 9 am-3 pm